Paper A7

23. BIM Learning Triangle




This conceptual model represents BIM learning as a triangular interaction between BIM learners, BIM learning providers and the BIM learning spectrum.

BIM learners

BIM learners are all individuals pursuing knowledge, skill or expertise in BIM technologies or workflows. BIM learners include practitioners and future practitioners; within any Design, Construction and Operation discipline; and at any position or role.

BIM learning providers

BIM learning providers are commercial and not-for-profit entities providing formal or informal BIM education, training or professional development. BIM learning providers include individual trainers, registered training organizations, universities, vocational institutions, industry association and communities of practice.

BIM learning spectrum

The BIM learning spectrum includes all BIM topics that can be learned by BIM learners or taught by BIM learning providers. The learning spectrum represents both structured and unstructured information, including well-defined, classified and aggregated BIM competency items.