20. Triple A Competency Model
22. Collaborative Education Framework

21. Competency-based Workflow

  Collaborative-BIM-Project-Initiation-Workflow-v2.3-OpaqueNote: the above image has been updated on May 11, 2016 -  Original Image

This partial workflow (a subtype of conceptual models) uses BIM competency items from across several Competency Sets to clarify a specific process - how to initiate a collaborative BIM project. The BPMN concepts are represented at low detail and can be expanded into several sub-processes populated with competency items at higher levels of detail.

The workflow  illustrates how individual BIM competencies are used to generate BIM workflows through a structured graphical language – shown here using Business Process Modelling and Notation (BPMN). Other uses for structured competency items include:

  1. Populating task lists for initiating projects and processes (e.g. a step-by-step guide for importing geometry drawn outside a Gehry Technologies Digital Project) or quality- checking project deliverables (e.g. a check list for auditing a model’s quality);
  2. Generating standardized mind maps, workflow diagrams and similar charts to clarify BIM implementation activities, data exchange and collaboration processes; and
  3. Establishing project requirements for the purposes of procuring services - e.g. through using competency items to populate a request for qualification or request for proposal.