17. Competency Hierarchy
19. Competency Units of Analysis

18. Competency Tiers

  Competency Tiers Model v1.1

There are three Competency Tiers within the Competency Hierarchy - Core, Domain and Execution:

  • The CORE Competencies Tier reflects the personal abilities of individuals enabling them to conduct a measureable activity or deliver a measurable outcome. This core tier is subdivided into the following four competency sets: Foundational traits – personal attributes inherent in an individual that cannot be acquired through training or education; Situational enablers – personal attributes related to nationality, language and other criteria which may play a relevant role when delivering a service or a product; Qualifications and licenses – personal attributes related to the existence or sufficiency of academic degrees, scientific publications, professional accreditations, trade/skill certificates or licences; and Historical indicators – attributes related to employment history, project experiences (including project types and sizes), roles played and positions held.
  • The DOMAIN Competencies Tier refers to the professional abilities of individuals, the means they use to perform multi-task activities and the methods they employ to deliver outcomes with complex requirements. There are eight competency sets within this tier:  four primary sets - Managerial, Functional, Technical and Supportive - representing the main types of professional ability; and four secondary sets - Administration, Operation, Implementation and Research & Development - identifying those abilities which are formed by the overlap of primary sets.
  • The EXECUTION Competencies Tier represents an individual’s ability to use specific tools and techniques to conduct an activity or deliver a measureable outcome. The ability to use a software tool (e.g. a 3D model authoring tool), drive a vehicle (e.g. a 30 tonne tipper truck) or operate specialized field equipment (e.g. a laser scanner) are examples of execution tier competencies. Also, the ability to employ specialized techniques (e.g. programming, drawing and plastering) is also classified under this tier.