15. Individual Competency Index
17. Competency Hierarchy

16. Competency Flow

image from www.bimframework.infoCompetency Flow Framework (Full-size), replaces Competency Flow Model v1.0 (2013)

Modified Spe 24, 2016: The Competency Flow Framework describes how individual competencies can be identified, classified, aggregated and then used/re-used. The framework includes a number of components:

  • Competency Identification through analysing job advertisement; dissecting BIM-specific roles as defined within BIM guides, BIM management plans and similar documents; reviewing academic literature and industry publications; adopting and adapting formal skill inventories, competency pools, and accreditation criteria; and harvesting competency requirements from industry associations, organizations and subject matter experts.
  • Competency Classification under tiers, sets and topics - refer to BIM Competency Hierarchy and Competency Tiers
  • Competeny Aggregation into a structured inventory to allow their custom collation and retrieval (please refer to www.BIMexcellence.com to learn how classified BIM competencies have been aggregated through a database-driven web solution)
  • Competency Use and Reuse to perform three complementary actions: competency acquisition, competency application and competency assessment - please refer to Competency Engine