5. BIM = MIB
7. Field Overlaps

6. Field Interactions



BIM Interactions are push-pull knowledge transactions occurring within or between BIM Fields and sub-Fields. Push mechanisms transfer knowledge to another field or sub-field while pull mechanisms transfer knowledge to satisfy a request by another field or sub-field. Sample transactions include data transfers, team dynamics and contractual relationships between fields and sub-fields.




Policy Field

Process Field

Technology Field

Sample interactions between fields and sub-fields

Push into other fields

- Skilled graduates, standards, guidance into Process

- Concepts, mathematical solutions into Technology

-Case studies  into Policy

-Feedback to Technology

Innovative solutions and new equipment  into Policy and Process

Pull from other fields

- Subject matter experts from Process

-Interoperability from Technology

-Development of solutions from Technology

- Standards, guidelines and graduates from Policy

-Standardisation efforts from Policy

-Requirements and experiences from Process

Push-Pull within the same field

Interchanges between research, education and accreditation boards

Architect’s Instructions (AI-push) and Request Further Information (RFI-pull)

Hardware capabilities (push) and software requirements (pull)